Prospective authors may email their contributions directly to the editor as Word attachments. Contributions should be in English and no longer than 8,000 – 10,000 words for articles. We also publish commentaries or short articles (1,500-4,000 words) that can be more polemical in nature, but they should conform to the same guidelines as the articles. 

To ensure a blind review process, authors must submit two versions of their paper – one is the full version and the other is a blind version with all identifying references and text replaced with the square bracketed phrase [omitted for the refereeing process]. In the full version of the paper, authors should provide their name and affiliation along with a 200-word (max) biographical sketch.

Authors are expected to include a clear abstract and up to five keywords. Abstracts should be no longer than 200 words. Contributions can be sent directly to the editor with 'RECASP Article' in the subject headline:

Authors retain the intellectual and moral rights to their work under the Creative Commons licence.


Style Guidelines

Please follow these guidelines when you prepare your article for submission. Manuscripts that do not conform to the following guidelines will not be reviewed.

RECASP uses the Harvard system of referencing and footnotes rather than endnotes. Website sources should include the date of access as follows: (accessed 2 January 2012). For details on the Harvard system of referencing, see the following guide: Harvard Referencing Guide

Articles should be double spaced in Times New Roman, 12-point font.

Quotations of less than four sentences should be part of the text and enclosed in single quotation marks. Quotations of more than four sentences should be indented by one centimetre on the right and left margins, typed in 10-point font, and without quotation marks.

RECASP uses ‘ize’ instead of ‘ise’ (i.e.: globalize).

Figures and tables should be professional and embedded in the text where appropriate. Recommendation: because standard bitmap graphics tend to become blurred on magnification, authors whose papers are accepted are strongly encouraged to submit their charts and figures in EPS vector graphics format.

Subheadings should be in Times New Roman, 14-point font. Full stops are not required after subheadings.

Parentheses can be used for simple interpolations. For example: ExxonMobil (the largest company in the world by market capitalization) has been funding scientists who deny climate change for years. 

Numbers from 1-9 should be written out; larger numbers should be expressed in numerals. For example: There were seven moons in orbit around the new planet originally, but astronomers have discovered a further 125.

When using denominations such as percentages and currency, numbers should be used. For example: The rate of growth was 3% during the first year and 12% during the second; or: The hourly wage was $7 and the annual profit $200,000.

For referencing pages use: 132-65 instead of 132-165.

Abbreviations should be spelled out in full the first time they are used. For example: International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Dates should be written as 2 January 2012.