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Special Issue of the Review of Capital as Power


Theme: Broadening the Vista


The framework of ‘capital as power’ offers a radical alternative to both liberal and Marxist political economies. In this framework, capital is viewed not as a productive economic entity, but as the central power institution of capitalist society at large, while capitalism as a whole is seen not as mode of production and consumption, but as a mode of power.


The purpose of this special issue is to critically theorize, historicize and empirically research capital as power and capitalism as a conflictual mode of power. The area of inquiry is wide open, and we welcome big-picture contributions as well more focused research.


Contributors who do not hold a PhD will be automatically considered for the 2016 RECASP Essay Prize: http://www.recasp.com/essay-prize


Submissions deadline: December 31st, 2016


Submission guidelines: http://www.recasp.com/contact




Tim Di Muzio

University of Wollongong, Australia